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Feature Interviews

GolfClubAtlas.com has conducted nearly two hundred feature interviews with people in the golf industry and the interviews are arranged here chronologically for your perusal, from the most recent down to our first one with Tom Doak in June, 1999. A new interview is posted in the first week of each month.

The common subject matter is always golf course architecture but the people who have been interviewed are quite diverse. There are architects with over fifty projects to their name and architects with less than five. There are well known authors and people who have penned just one book. There are past USGA presidents, present green keepers, PGA professionals including the greatest player of all-time and one who won five Open Championships – and nearly a sixth one in 2009! Included as well are painters and photographers who have their own unique perspective of looking at golf courses. Several of the folks kind enough to do a Feature Interview are no longer with us, much to our and the game’s loss but their words and thoughts are forever captured here.

We hope you enjoy these archives.

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