Conversation between Pete Dye and Chris Buie

Below is a telephone conversation that Pete Dye had with Southern Pines resident Chris Buie in 2015. Chris was gathering information on Donald Ross for his book The Life & Times of Donald Ross. Back in the 1940s, Dye was stationed at Fort Bragg and he would come to Pinehurst where on multiple occasions, he spent time with Ross. Chris learned from the call what he thought he might, specifically that Donald Ross was the consummate gentleman and everyone lifted their game when they were around him. This 2015 conversation then delves into other areas, including the ramifications of increased green speeds and the need for back tees. As such, it provides a fascinating look both into the halcyon days when Ross roamed Pinehurst as well as the modern day concerns that Dye faced during his incomparable seven decade career. Enjoy!