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Proposed Golf Library


Mark Larson

May, 2014

Golf Architects


Old Tom Morris

Courses of Old Tom Morris – Robert Kroeger

            The Colossus of Golf – Peter Crabtree

            Tommy’s Honor – Kevin Cook

            The Life of Tom Morris – William Tulloch

            Soul of St. Andrews – William Tulloch

            Old Tom Morris Scrapbook – David Joy

Harry S. Colt

            Colt & Co.: Golf Course Architects – F.W. Hawtree

            Creating Classics: The Courses of Harry Colt – Peter Pugh

            Some Essays on Golf Course Architecture – H.S. Colt

Charles Blair MacDonald

            Scotland’s Gift – C.B. MacDonald

            Evangelist of Golf – George Bahto

Alister MacKenzie

            Golf Architecture – Alister MacKenzie

            Life & Work of Dr. Alister MacKenzie – Tom Doak

            The Good Doctor Returns – Geoff Shackleford

            Spirit of St. Andrews – Alister MacKenzie

George Thomas

            Golf Architecture in America – Geo. Thomas

            The Captain – Geoff Shackleford

Donald Ross

            Discovering Donald Ross – Brad Klein

           Golf Has Never Failed Me – Donald Ross

           Golf As It Was Meant to be Played – Michael Fay

          Great Donald Ross Courses You Can Play – Paul Dunn

A.W. Tillinghast

            Tillinghast – Philip Young

            Gleanings from the Wayside – A.W. Tillinghast

            Reminiscences of the Links – A.W. Tillinghast

            The Course Beautiful – A.W. Tillinghast

            The Mutt and Other Golf Yarns – A.W. Tillinghast

Willie Park Jr.

            The Man Who Took Golf to the World – Walter Stephen

            The Game of Golf – Willie Park Jr.

James Braid

            James Braid and his Four Hundred Golf Courses – John Moreton/Ian Cumming

William Flynn

            The Nature Faker – Wayne Morrison

Perry Maxwell

            Midwest Associate – Chris Clouser

Tom Bendelow

            Tom Bendelow: The Johnny Appleseed of Golf – Stuart Bendelow

Stanley Thompson

            Toronto Terror – James Barclay

            Golf Courses of Stanley Thompson – Mike Bell

Pete Dye

            Bury Me in a Pot Bunker – Pete Dye

           Pete Dye Golf Courses – Joel Zuckerman

          From Birdies to Bunkers – Alice Dye

Robert Trent Jones Sr.

            A Difficult Par: Robert Trent Jones Sr. and the Making of Modern Golf – J. Hansen

            Golf’s Magnificent Challenge – Robert T. Jones

Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

            Golf by Design – R.T. Jones Jr.

            The Golf Courses of Robert Trent Jones Jr. – R.T. Jones Jr.

Tom Doak

            Anatomy of a Golf Course – Tom Doak

            Confidential Guide to Golf Courses – Tom Doak

Tom Fazio

            Golf Course Designs by Tom Fazio – Cal Brown & Tom Fazio

Jack Nicklaus

            Nicklaus by Design – Chris Millard

            The Golf Courses of Jack Nicklaus – Gallery Books

Arthur Hills

            The Works of Art: Golf Course Designs – Arthur Hills

Michael Hurdzan

            Golf Course Architecture – M. Hurdzan

            Golf Greens – M. Hurdzan

           Selected Golf Courses by Hurdzan-Fry – M. Hurdzan



General Golf Architecture


Hazards – Aleck Bauer

Herbert Barker – Robert G. Calton

The Architects of Golf – Geoffrey Cornish & Ron Whitten

The Golf Course – Geoffrey Cornish & Ron Whitten

Eighteen Stakes on Sunday Afternoon – Cornish

Methods of Early Golf Architecture Vol. 1 – Coventry House

Methods of Early Golf Architecture Vol. 2 – Coventry House

Lipouts – Nathan Crace

Golf’s Grand Design: The Evolution of Golf Architecture in America – Cupp & Whitten

Links Golf: The Inside Story – Paul Daley

Favorite Holes by Design: The Architects Choice – Paul Daley

Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Vol. One – Paul Daley

Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Vol. Two – Paul Daley

Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Vol. Three – Paul Daley

Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Vol. Four – Paul Daley

Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Vol. Five – Paul Daley

Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Vol. Six – Paul Daley

Legendary Golf Clubhouses – Richard Diedrich

The 19th Hole: Architecture of Clubhouses – Richard Diedrich

Golf Course Design – Nigel Douglas

Classic Golf Hole Design – Graves

Aspects of Golf Course Architecture 1925-1971 – Fred Hawtree

The Golf Course – Fred Hawtree

The Links – Robert Hunter

Wide Open Fairways – Brad Klein

Keepers of the Green – Bob Labbance

The Life and Work of Wayne Stiles – Bob Labbance

Emerald Gems: The Links Of Ireland – Laurence Casey Lembrecht

Bunkers, Pits & Other Hazards – Forrest Richardson

Routing the Course – Forrest Richardson

Future of Golf: How it Lost its Way – Geoff Shackleford

The Golden Age of Golf Design – Geoff Shackleford

Grounds for Golf – Geoff Shackleford

Lines of Charm: Quote from Architects – Geoff Shackleford

Master of the Links – Geoff Shackleford

Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects – Shiels

Driving the Green: The Making of a Golf Course – John Strawn

Sand and Golf: How Terrain Shapes the Game – Waters

Lost Links – Wexler

Missing Links: America’s Greatest Lost Courses – Wexler

Gentleman Joe Lee – Ron Whitten

A Century of Greenkeeping – Gordon Witteveen


 Golf Course Anthologies/Compilations

The Golf Tour: Great Britain and Ireland – AA

Play the Best Courses: Great Golf in the British Isles – Peter Allen

Famous Fairways – Allen

Golfing Florida’s Best – Rob Armstrong

1001 Golf Holes to Play Before You Die – Barr

Golf’s Dream 18 – David Barrett

Golf Courses of the US Open – Barrett

Top 100 Golf Courses of the British Isles – Keith Baxter

Golfing New England – Boston Glob

Around the World in 18 Holes – Callahan

70 Best Courses of Europe – Malcolm Campbell

Golf Courses: Fairways of the World – David Cannon

A Golf Course Called Ireland – Coyne

Golf Hideaways – David Chmiel

Golf: Golfing in Britain – Darbyshire

The World’s Best Golf – William Davis

A Round of Golf Courses – Patrick Dickinson

100 Greatest Holes – Tom Doak

Par Excellence: Virginia Golf – Jim Ducibella

The Golf Courses of the British Isles – Bernard Darwin

Legendary Golf Clubs of Scotland, England, Wales & Ireland – Edgeworth/de St Jorre

Following the Fairways – Nick Edmund

Legendary Golf Clubs of the American East – Ellis

Golf’s Ultimate Eighteen – Steve Eubanks

Golf, As it Was in the Beginning: Legendary British Open Courses – Michael Fay

The World Atlas of Golf Courses – Bob Ferrier

Blasted Heaths and Blessed Greens: Pilgrimage to Courses of Scotland – James Finegan

Emerald Fairways and Foam-Flecked Seas: Pilgrimage to Courses of Ireland – James Finegan

Where Golf is Great – Jim Finnegans

Golf in Scottsdale – John Fudala

101 Golf Courses – George Giles

Golf Around the World: Great Game and Spectacular Courses – Fulvio Golob

Golf Courses of Canada – John Gordon

Spectacular Golf – David Gould

Classic Holes of Golf – Robert Green & Brian Morgan

A Golfer’s Guide to Wee Places – Rory Hamilton

World Golf Atlas – Hamlyn

British Golf Links – Horace Hutchinson

Golf West – Jenks

The Best 18 Golf Holes in America – Dan Jenkins

Golf: Great Courses of the World – Lafaurie

Extreme Golf – Duncan Leonard

Lost Balls: Great Holes, Tough Shots and Bad Lies – Charles Lindsay

Oregon Golf – Paul Linnman

The Championship Courses of Scotland – Sandy Lyle

The Golf Courses of the Monterey Peninsula – Machat

Golf’s Best New Destinations – McCallen

Golf Resorts of the World – McCallen

A World Portrait of Golf – Brian Morgan

Tee Off! American Golf Courses: Most Challenging Public Golf Courses – Jim Moriarty

Texas Golf – Newberry

Arizona’s Greatest Golf Courses – Northland Editors

Planet Golf USA – Darius Oliver

Planet Golf Outside the USA – Darius Oliver

Best 54 Golf Holes – Arnold Palmer

Golf Courses of the PGA Tour – George Peper

Golfwatching – George Peper

On Scottish Links – George Peper

The 500 World’s Greatest Golf Holes – George Peper

True Links – George Peper

Spectacular Golf: Great Holes in Texas – Panache

Spectacular Golf: Western Canada – Panache

Spectacular Golf: Colorado – Panache

Scottish Golf Links: A Photographer’s Journey – Kyle Phillips

Top Golf Courses of the World – Gary Player

America’s Linksland: A Century of Long Island Golf – William Quirin

Golf’s Finest Par Threes – Tony Roberts

Golfing on the World’s Most Exceptional Courses – Mark Rowlinson

Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die – Santella

Historic Golf Courses of America – Seelig

From Fields to Fairways: Classic Golf Clubs of Minnesota – Rich Shefchik

Golf Courses of the World – Robert Sidorsky

Classic American Courses – Mike Stachura

Classic Golf Links of Great Britain – Donald Steel

The Book of the Links – Martin Sutton

The World Atlas of Golf – Pat Ward-Thomas

The World’s Greatest Golf Courses – Bob Weeks

Unique Golf Resorts of the World – Williams

Golfing the Carolina Grand Strand – Tommy Woodrum

Journey Through the Links – Worley

Another Journey Through the Links – Worley

Golf in the Low Country – Joel Zuckerman

Golf Charms of Charleston – Joel Zuckerman



Individual Courses 

History of the Greenbrier: America’s Resort – Robert Conte

The Philadelphia Cricket Club – David Contosta

The Road to Ballybunion – John Degarmo

Oakhurst: Birth and Rebirth of America’s First Golf Course – Diperna

Perry Maxwell’s Prairie Dunes – James Elliott

Augusta – Steve Eubanks

Dream Golf: The Making of Bandon Dunes – Stephen Goodwin

The Seventh at St Andrews – Gummer

A Dream Fulfilled…Farm Neck Golf Club – Charles Harff

Pebble Beach Golf Links – Neal Hotelling

St. Andrews Golf Links: The First 600 Years – Tom Jarrett

Desert Forest Golf Club: First 40 Years – Brad Klein

Evolution of the Links at Royal County Down – Richard Latham

St. Andrews: The Home of Golf – Henry Lord

Golf at St. Andrews – Keith Mackie

The Legendary Evolution of Pinehurst – Richard Mandell

The Spirit of Pinehurst – Lee Pace

A Season in Dornoch: Golf & Life in the Scottish Highlands – Lorne Rubenstein

The Bar X Golf Course – Ross Santee

Alister MacKenzie’s Cypress Point – Geoff Shackleford

Shadow Creek: From Barren Desert to Desert Oasis – Steve Wynn & Tom Fazio

Kiawah Golf – Joel Zuckerman


Golf Art

The Spirit of Golf – Ray Ellis

Golf Through the Ages: 600 Years of Golfing Art – Michael Flannery

Shortspoon: Major FR Hopkins 1830-1913 – Ian Henderson

Big Time Golf – Leroy Neiman

Golfing Art – Phil Pilley

The Art of Golf Design – Geoff Shackleford

Fine Art of America’s Fairways – Ventola

General Golf History

Golf: A Way of Life: An Illustrated History – Peter Aliss

The World of Golf: The History, Legendary Players, Etc – Antony Atha

Golf: The Golden Years – Sarah Baddiel

Golf in Canada: A History – James Barclay

The History of the PGA Tour – Al Barkow

Golf Resorts of the USA – Baron

Golf: A History – Barrett

The Complete Golf Chronicle – Ted Barrett

A History of Golf – Robert Browning

A History of Golf: The Royal and Ancient Game – H.K. Browning

Social Links – Cameron

The New Encyclopedia of Golf – Malcolm Campbell

Golf in Wales A Pictorial History – Phil Carradice

Golf: The Early Days – Dale Concannon

A History of Golf – Henry Cotton

Golf in Britain – Geoffrey Cousins

A Century of Golf: WGA – Tim Cronin

A History of Golf in Britain – Bernard Darwin

The Golfers Companion – Delery

The Illustrated History of Golf – Elliott

A Swing Through Time: Golf in Scotland 1457-1744 – Olive Geddes

Early Irish Golf – William Gibson

Golf: An Illustrated History of the Game – Robert Green

Golf: Its History, People and Events – Will Grimsley

Golf: Scotland’s Game – David Hamilton

Triple Bauge: Promenades in Medieval Golf – Fred Hawtree

The Heritage of Golf – Ian Henderson

Golf in the Making – Ian Henderson & David Stirk

Golf: A Visual History – Michael Hobbs

The Badminton Library: Golf – Horace Hutchinson

Classic Golf – Iooss

Vardon to Woods: History of Golfers in Advertising – Alistair Johnston

Tenby to Celtic Manor: A History of Golf in Wales – Byron Kalies

The Golf Book of East Lothian – John Kerr

Golf in America – James P. Lee

The Dawn of Professional Golf – Peter Lewis

Golf: An Album of Its History – Robert McCord

The Ultimate Golf Book: A History & Celebration of the Greatest Game – C. McGrawth

The Kingdom of Golf in America – Richard Moss

Classic Shots – Marty Parkes

Let the Big Dog Eat – Hubert Pedroli

Golf in America: The First Hundred Years – George Peper

The Story of Golf – George Peper

The History of Golf – John Pinner

Golf History: Unusual Facts, Figures, and Little Known – Melvin Robey

Golf”s Greatest Moments – Robert Sidorsky

Golf Anecdotes – Robert Sommers

Golf History & Tradition – David Stirk

Golf: The History of an Obsession – David Stirk

When War Played Through – Strege

Early Golf – Steven J.H. van Hengel

Preferred Lies & Other Tales – Jack Whitaker

History of Golf – Michael Williams

A Pictorial History of American Golf – Willow Creek Press

The Story of American Golf – Herb Wind



Specific Golf History

Millions of Mischiefs: Rabbits, Golf & St. Andrews – Alistair Adamson

Miracle at Merion – David Barrett

The Match – Mark Frost

The Vardon Invasion – Labbance

Sir Walter and Mr. Jones: the Rise of American Golf – Stephen Lowe

A Wee Nip at the 19th Hole – Richard Makenzie

The Eternal Summer: Palmer, Nicklaus & Hogan in 1960 – Curt Sampson

The Masters – Curt Sampson

Lost Masters – Curt Sampson

The Slam – Curt Sampson

Ty and the Babe: The 1941 Has-Beens Golf Championship – Tom Stanton


Golf Rules


The Rules of the Green – Chapman

Golf: Its Rules and Decisions – Richard Francis

Golf: A Celebration of 100 Years of the Rules of Play – Glover

Rules of Golf Applied – Schrock

Principles Behind the Rules of Golf – Tufts



Golf Equipment 

Classic Golf Clubs – Joe Clement

The Golf Ball Book – Larry Dennis

The Golf Club – Ellis

The Clubmakers Art, Two Volumes – Jeffrey Ellis

Cleek Marks and Trademarks on Clubs – Georgiady

Grooves: How Jack Hutchinson Changed the World – David Fountain

Antique Golf Clubs – Kuntz

The Flatstick – Noah Liberman

500 Years of Golf Balls – Hotchkiss

The Curious History of the Golf Ball – John Martin

Golf Implements and Memorabilia – Kevin McGimpsey

The Story of the Golf Ball – Kevin McGimpsey

Golf: The Great Clubmakers – Stirk



Golf Biographies

The Hogan Mystique – Alexander

Sam: The One and Only Sam Snead – Al Barkow

Gary Player: Golf’s Global Ambassador – John Boyette

The Big Three and Me – Billy Casper

Sir Walter – Tom Clavin

Driven: The Definitive Biography of Nick Faldo – Dale Concannon

A Feel for the Game – Ben Crenshaw

My Life In and Out of the Rough – John Daley

Ben Hogan – Dodson

Seve: Golf’s Flawed genius – Robert Green

Payne Stewart Story – Guest

The Pro: Lessons About Golf and Life from Claude Harmon – Butch Harmon

Arnold Palmer: A Personal Journey – Thomas Hauger

Harry Vardon: The Revealing Story of a Champion Golfer – Audrey Howell

His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir – Dan Jenkins

The Old Man: The Biography of Walter J Travis – Bob Labbance

Bobby Jones and the Quest for the Grand Slam – Catherine Lewis

Considerable Passions: Golf, the Masters and the Legacy of Bobby Jones – C. Lewis

F.G. Tait: A Record – John Low

The Life and Times of Bobby Jones – Sidney Matthew

I Call the Shots – Johnny Miller

Jack Nicklaus: My Story – Jack Nicklaus

Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story – Tim O’Connor

A Game of Golf – Francis Ouimet

A Golfer’s Life – Arnold Palmer & James Dodson

Christy O’Connor – John Redman

Moe and me: Encounters with Moe Norman, Golf’s Mysterious genius – L. Rubenstein

Hogan – Curt Samson

Thirty Years of Championship Golf – Gene Sarazen

Greg Norman – Lauren St. John

They Call Me Super Mex – Lee Trevino

The Complete Golfer – Harry Vardon

Getting Up and Down: My 60 Years in the Game – Ken Venturi

Elegy for a Golf Pro – Dexter Westrum

Zinger – Paul Azinger




Golf Fiction

The Putt at the End of the World – Lee Abbott

The Golf House Murder – Herbert Adams

A Fire on the Golf Course – Chuck Anderson

Death of a Low-Handicap Man – Ball

Death From the Ladies Tee – James Bartlett

Death in a Green Jacket – James Bartlett

Death at the Member-Guest – James Bartlett

Death is a Two Stroke penalty – James Bartlett

Murder in the Rough – J.S. Borthwick

Deadly Divots : A Golf Murder Mystery – Gene Breaznell

Final Round – William Bernhardt

Loopy – Dan Binchy

Dogleg Madness – Mike Bryan

Pro-Am Murders – Patrick Cake

Square – Capotkins

Seven Days in Utopia – David Cook

Winter Rules – Cork

Unnatural Hazzard – Cork

Backspin – Harlan Coben

Bad Lie – John Corrigan

Cut Shot – John Corrigan

Center Cut – John Corrigan

Out of Bounds – John Corrigan

Snap Hook – John Corrigan

A Gentlemans Game – Coyne

Fairways and Foul – Provan Crosbie

A Mulligan for Bobby Jobe – Bob Cullen

The Edict – Bob Cupp

Murder on the Links – Agatha Christie

A Tight Lie – Don Dahler

Water Hazard – Don Dahler

Buried Lies – Connor Daly

Local Knowledge – Connor Daly

Loopers – John Dunn

A Wicked Slice – Aaron Elkins

Nasty Breaks – Aaron Elkins

Old Scores – Aaron Elkins

On the Fringe – Aaron Elkins

Rotten Lies – Aaron Elkins

A Nasty Bit of Rough – David Feherty

The Masters of the Spirit – Fisher

Terror Tournament – J.M. Flynn

A Storm at Pebble Beach – Harry Forse

The Seventy-Second Hole – Harry Forse

To the Hilt – Dick Francis

Teed Off! – Nicloa Furlong

The Golfer – Wayne Greenshaw

Death on the Eleventh Hole – J.M. Gregson

A Good Walk Spoiled – J.M. Gregson

Murder on the Nineteenth – J.M. Gregson

Sherlock Holmes and the Freightened Golfer – J.M. Gregson

Spikes – Griffith

The Country Club Caper – Bill Gullick

Water Hazard – John Gunn

Par Four – Gunn

Perfect Lies – Hallberg

Rub of the Green – Hallberg

Shadows on the Green – Malcolm Hamer

Sudden Death – Malcolm Hamer

The Downhill Lie – Carl Hiaasen

Mermaids on the Golf Course – Patrica Highsmith

Flatbellies – Hollingsworth

A Buried Lie – Roberta Isleib

Fairway to Heaven – Roberta Isleib

Putt to Death – Roberta Isleib

Six Strokes Under – Roberta Isleib

Dead Solid Perfect – Dan Jenkins

The Money Whipped Give Up Artist – Dan Jenkins

The Ten Million Dollar Golf Ball – Albert Killeen

Death Under Par – Janice Law

Follow the Wind – Bo Links

Riverbank Tweed & Roadmap Jenkins – Bo Links

Murder at the Open – Angus MacVicar

Sticks – McMillen

Barranca – Troon McAlister

The Green – Troon McAlister

Scratch – Troon McAlister

Law and Ardor – Ralph McInery

Lying Three – Ralph McInery

The Enchanted Golf Clubs – Robert Marshall

The Haunted Major – Robert Marshall

Golfing with God – Roland Merullo

Bermuda Grass – Keith Miles

Bullet Hole – Keith Miles

Double Eagle – Keith Miles

Flagstick – Keith Miles

Green Murder – Keith Miles

Honolulu Play-Off – Keith Miles

Honour – Richard O’Connor

Fast Greens – Turk Pipkin

The Old Man and the Tee – Turk Pipkin

The Legend of Bagger Vance – Steven Pressfield

Missing Links – Rick Reilly

The Haunted Seventh – Charles Ross

The Gods of Golf – David Smith

The Foursome – Spooner

Blue Fairways – Slack

Golf Course Mystery – Chester Steele

The Pro – Shropshire

Billy Boy – Shrake

Waggle – Joe Tigan

The Case of the Missing Links – Lee Tyler

The Teed Off Ghost – Lee Tyler

Dead on the Stick – Robert Upton

The Greatest Course That Never Was – Veron

The Greatest Player That Never lived – Veron

Take Dead Aim – Wade


Golf Instruction

A Round of Golf with Tommy Armour – Tommy Armour

The Square to Square Golf Swing – Dick Aultman

Natural Golf – Seve Ballesteros

Troubleshooting – Seve Ballesteros

Tips From the Pros – Miller Barber

Picture Analysis of Golf Strokes – James Barnes

The Good Sense of Golf – Billy Casper

Total Shotmaking – Fred Couples

Five Fundamentals – Steve Elkington

The Complete Short Game – Ernie Els

On Golf – Jim Flick

Encyclopedia of Golf Techniques – Paul Foston

A Swing for Life – Nick Faldo

See It and Sink It – Craig Farnsworth

The Elements of Scoring – Ray Floyd

The Best Instruction Book Ever – Golf Magazine

The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever – Golf Magazine

Plumb Bob Correctly – Geers

Butch Harmon’s Playing Lessons – Butch Harmon

The Only Golf Lesson You’ll Ever Need – Hank Haney

Essentials of the Swing – Hank Haney

Fix for the Yips – Hank Haney

No More Bad Shots – Hank Haney

Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals – Ben Hogan

Power Golf – Ben Hogan

Rights and Wrongs of Golf – Bobby Jones

Down the Fairway – Bobby Jones

Classic Instruction – Bobby Jones

50 Greatest Golf Lessons of the Century – John Jacobs

Faults & Fixes – David Leadbetter

The Fundamentals of Hogan – David Leadbetter

Lessons from the Golf Greats – David Leadbetter

The Golf Swing – David Leadbetter

Quick Tips – David Leadbetter

100% Golf – David Leadbetter

Range Rats – Roger Maltbie

A New Way to Better Golf – Alex Morrison

Better Golf Without Practice – Alex J. Morrison

The Complete Hogan – Jim McLean

Eight Step Swing – Jim McLean

Golf Digest Book of Drills – Jim McLean

Slot Swing – Jim McLean

Ultimate Drills – Jim McLean

The Golfers Home Companion – Robin McMillan

Breaking 90 – Johnny Miller

How to Play Links Golf – Colin Montgomerie

Play Better Golf – Jack Nicklaus

Golf My Way – Jack Nicklaus

Putting My Way – Jack Nicklaus

Take a Tip From Me – Jack Nicklaus

My Golden Lessons – Jack Nicklaus

Winning Golf – Byron Nelson

The Golf Instruction Manual – Steve Newell

Advanced Golf – Greg Norman

PGA Teaching Manual – PGA

Shotmaking – Corey Pavin

Damage Control – Dave Pelz

Golf Without Fear – Dave Pelz

Putting Bible – Dave Pelz

Putting Games – Dave Pelz

Putt Like the Pros – Dave Pelz

Short Game Bible – Dave Pelz

10 Minutes a Day to Better Putting – Dave Pelz

Bunker Play – Gary Player

The Art of Scoring – Matthew Rudy

The Art of Golf – W.G. Simpson

Putt to Win – Dave Stockton

Unconscious Putting – Dave Stockton

Unconscious Scoring – Dave Stockton

How to Find Your Perfect Golf Swing – Rick Smith

Simple Key to Golf – San Snead

A Swing for a Lifetime – Bob Toski

Find Your Own Fundamentals – Bob Toski

Golf for a Lifetime – Bob Toski

How to Become a Complete Golfer – Bob Toski

How to Feel a Great Golf Swing – Bob Toski

Tension Free Golf – Bob Toski

Groove Your Golf Swing – Lee Trevino

Swing My Way – Lee Trevino

The Art of Putting – Walter Travis

The Art of Putting – Stan Utley

Getting Up and Down: How to Save Strokes – Tom Watson


Mental Golf Game

How to Keep Your Temper on the Golf Course – Bolt

Inner Game of Golf – W. Timothy Gallwey

Going for the Green – Gilchrist

Missing Links – David Morley

Combat Golf – Ollstein

Zen Golf – Joseph Parent

The Golfers Mind – Bob Rotella

Golf is a Game of Confidence – Bob Rotella

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect – Bob Rotella

The Golf of Your Dreams – Bob Rotella

Mind Mastery for Winning Golf – Bob Rotella

Putting Like a Genius – Bob Rotella

Putting Out of Your Mind – Bob Rotella

The Unstoppable Golfer – Bob Rotella

Your 15th Club – Bob Rotella

Breaking the Slump – Jimmy Roberts

Fearless Golf – Gio Valiante

When Bad Things Happen to Good Golfers – Allan Zullo


Golf Inspirational

To the Linksland – Bamberger

The Dewsweepers – James Dodson

Golf is a Good Walk Spoiled – Eberl

A Good Walk Spoiled – Feinstein

The Impossible Art of Golf – Alec Morrison

Golf in the Kingdom – Michael Murphy

The Kingdom of Shivas Irons – Michael Murphy

The Little Black Book – Byron Nelson

Miracle on the 17th Green – James Patterson

1,001 Reasons to Love Golf – Pedroli

Little Red Book – Harvey Penick

If You Play Golf You’re My Friend – Harvey Penick

Game for a Lifetime – Harvey Penick

For All Who Love the Game – Harvey Penick

The Little Treasury of Golf – Resnick


Golf Humor


89 Years in a Sand Trap – Beck

Some Classic Rules of Golf – Charles Crombie

Some of the Rules of Golf – Charles Crombie

The Book of Golf Disasters – Doberreiner

Fun in the Rough – Howard Gill

Confessions of a Hooker – Bob Hope

Golf is a Funny Game – Ken Janke

Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate – Dan Jenkins

More Golf Jokes – Lonigan

The New Yorker Book of Golf Cartoons – Robert Mankoff

Just a Range Ball in a Box of Titleists – Gary McCord

World’s Greatest Golf Jokes – McDougal

Golf: The Agony & the Estasy – Nicol/More

Bad Golf My Way – Leslie Nielson

Stupid Little Golf Book – Leslie Nielson

My Usual Game – Owen

Who’s Your Caddy – Rick Reilly

Shanks for Nothing – Rick Reilly

Life of Riley – Rick Riley

The 7 Stages of Golf – W.G. Simpson

Talking on Tour – Don Wade

And Then Jack Said to Arnie – Wade

And Then Justin Told Sergio – Wade

The Golf Omnibus – Wodehouse



Miscellaneous Golf


Golf a la Carte; Recipes from America’s Finest Clubs – James Bartlett

Office Golf – David Owen

Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Golf – Price

Business Golf – Summerall

The Club Menu: Signature Dishes of America’s Premier Golf Clubs – Scott Savlov

Par Fork: The Golf Resort Cookbook – Gwen Walters

 The End