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May 14th, 2014, a day like any other to the moment I birdied the daunting Home hole at Quail Hollow in Charlotte. Though the stands still stood tall from the recent Wells Fargo event, they weren’t exactly full. The only spectators were my Dad, sitting on the grass in front of a stand, and my playing adversary Brother Bill.

With Tiger sidelined by injury, this heroic birdie came at a crucial time in the sport’s history. While understandably gutted, Brother Bill quickly pulled himself together and exclaimed something along the lines (this may not be an exact quote), “On this most glorious day in golfing history, I am especially pleased – and relieved – to be wearing my yellow-striped logo shirt. I would hate to be remembered in anything less.’

So the question for time immemorial: When history happens, when the gods change your fate, will you be at your best, looking good in the official (don’t accept anything less) shirt by Peter Millar?

The garment is made with their Performance-E4 fabric stuff which is ideal for golf. Technologic progress has rescued civility and reclaimed a golfer’s dignity: the days of looking like a drowned rat walking up the eighteenth in a Jeff Rose (or other inferior) garb are mercifully past.

Here is a picture of the Peter Millar solids and ‘competition’ stripes with soft collars that we offer:


The stylish GCA logo is on the chest (the one in the picture above is strictly illustrative of its position, the actual logo is seen below):


Shirts run true to size. If you are unsure of your size, please don’t order as we have no ability to re-stock; only shirts with defects can be returned. regular Jerry Kluger is the mastermind behind this offering. His email is and his cell is 301.257.1238. His various GCA golf bag projects have been a HUGE success in getting the name out there so it is no surprise that this endeavor has been as well. The cost is $65 per shirt + shipping of $4.75 in the USA (plus tax if shipped within North Carolina). If you buy two or more shirts, shipping is free in USA. International shipping charges will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Jerry will order the shirts as payment is received. Checks should be made out to and mailed to:

Jerry Kluger
2207 Haniman Park Drive
Cary, NC 27513

Thanks and good golfing!