The Mysteries


Southern Pines GC


1st Hole on SPGC No. 2 Course


There’s been quite a bit of talk on GCA about the course, or rather, courses of Southern Pines. Much of the information has been uncovered. However, there are still quite a few parts of the century-plus saga which have not been sorted out. Mystery is great. I think it’s fine when some old trail only goes so far. But, it can be interesting to attempt to find out how some of those early configurations went, as well.

A lot of early Southern Pines golf was addressed in the essay I did a while back on GCA:


Still, there are other elements which still remain unidentified. These images have been sitting in a folder for a few years now. It doesn’t look like I’m going to do anything with them anytime soon. So, why not just put them out there and let others have a go at it?

The purpose of this piece is to hand it off to others in case someone wants to try to figure it out. Basically, I’ve written what I know. Anything beyond that would be speculation. So, if you want to know an answer, you try to figure it out from the materials presented.

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