Later SPGC

As the article on page 4 details, Ross did at SPGC what he did at many places. He took a rough hewn course and made a proper one out of it. In the case of SPGC, he also gradually added a second full course. The 3rd 9 opened in 1924 with the 4th nine opening in 1929.

1939 Plat Courtesy of Brandon Livengood – No. 2 Course in yellow.

No. 1 Course remains the same as in the 1939 plat. Nine of the original No. 2 Course holes are overgrown. Nine of the Donald Ross holes have houses placed on top of them.

No. 2 Course was fully opened in 1929. It was closed circa 1933 due to the Depression. During its brief time a match between the best women golfers of the day was held.

It was also filmed.

You can view the film and read the information about it here:

It appears the match was held on both SPGC courses.

Here is one unidentified hole from the match:

Courtesy of the University of South Carolina

Well, there you have it. Interested parties now have quite a bit of information to comb through and piece together.

The 18th hole of SPGC No. 2 – today’s driving range.