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Wisconsin's Westmoor undergoes dramatic renovation -- WWWLT?

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Dan Moore:
Ironically Lohman did renovation work at an original Langford Moreau 27 holer that was originally called Westmoor now Schaumburg GC.  Maybe they have learned to appreciate L/M since then, but that effort did nothing to retain L/M style and that's a shame because the skeleton of a pretty darn good, but not great, course is still there. 

Here is my Chicago aerial on that one.,26583.msg498553.html#msg498553

Bryan Bergner:

Westmoor Country Club opened in 1926 and was originally designed by a member, Mr. Lloyd Fitzgerald.  It had not seen any significant changes until Westmoor sold a portion of the south end of the property in the late 50's for the expansion of Interstate 94.  During this period, William Langford redesigned the holes that were wiped out by the freeway.  These were holes 4,5,6,7,& 8.  David gill came in in 1973 and did some work on holes 1,10,15,16,17, & 18.  But of all the holes at Westmoor, it was the Langford stretch that were the "strongest" and better designed. 

As the article states, Lohmann Golf Designs was hired to design our golf course improvement project.  In previous years, they have done an excellent job enhancing a few holes in the middle to late 90's and recently worked on the green surrounds on holes 6 & 8 as well as the west side of our fourth hole. 

The challenge was on Todd Quitno (Senior Project Architect) to create a design that tied in the entire course with the main attributes of a Langford design, mainly cuts and fills that formed plateau greens with flat sand bunkers.   This with 15 of the 20 green SURFACES remaining untouched .  So, in order to take a green that's flat to the ground and make it look like it stands up and presents itself (Lawsonia, Westbend CC) he cored out around the green surface to give the greens the look of a Langford plateaued green.  He definitely accomplished this throughout the course.

Other notables about the project:

1. Closed Aug. 1st, 2008 & scheduled to open May 29th, 2009.
2.  XGD Drainage installation to all greens.
             a.  14 greens done between April and May 28th 2008
             b.  Greens 9,10,14,12 had XGD installed after they were completely reshaped and before they were seeded.
                       1.  This was a rather unique process
3.  Greens that were not reshaped were fumigated with methyl bromide.
4.  All greens seeded with A-1 bentgrass.
5.  16 golf holes received significant changes to green surrounds, fairway bunkers, fairway shape and tee complexes.
6.  The creation of "par equity" between men and women by changing  tee locations and fairway landing areas.

For photos of the project and some articles on the process feel free to visit my grounds & greens website at:

Bryan Bergner
Assistant Superintendent
Westmoor CC



Were you aware that Tilly redesigned two of the holes at Westmoor? he visited the club on November 13, 1935, at the request of club professional "Blackie" Nelthorpe. In Tilly's report of his visit, he mentions that along with Nelthorpe, also present were the President of the Club Clyde Reed, Greenkeeper Archie Schendel and National P.G.A. Secretary R.W. Tracey.

He wrote that, "At their request I selected an entirely new fourteenth to replace the present hole of 136 yards. The new one, from a new teeing ground to a new green, will measure approximately 160 yards. This change makes possible a new green for the thirteenth across a neglected lake, and altogether an improved hole..."

I'm very curious if this work was done (the notes intimate that it would) and if anything is left after the further course renovations mentioned above...

Bryan Bergner:
Mr. Young,

I'm not aware of Tilly any Tilly work at Westmoor.  I've just scanned the history book and do not see any reference.
However,  we have a gentleman named Erv "Bert" Bertram who is our "historical greenskeeper" and is on our staff.  His father started working here in 1925.  Bert has been here since he was born.  He and I had a conversation on the last day we were opened last year, (July 31st) on the 14th green as he was changing the hole location for the last time.  He pointed out that the green used to be closer to the tee (about 25 yds) near the oak trees on the south and that the small bumps that are still in that area were the original green banks. 

I will look further and talk to Bert.

If you go to the website and navigate to the web gallery on the welcome page you will find a picture of Bert on the old 14 green.


It looks like the 3rd green channels Langford and Morreau best to me...


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