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David Ober:

--- Quote from: Brent Hutto on November 04, 2005, 03:53:18 PM ---...OTOH, I'm like Tom Hucakaby in that I look at most any golf course in decent shape and not a totally boring pasture and think "Wow, this is pretty cool". On the gripping hand, I refuse to rate courses against each other anyway so what do I know?

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Then you, Tom, and I should get along fine, because that's kind of how I look at golf courses. I simply enjoy playing golf so much, that as long as a course is fair, somewhat challenging, is in decent shape, and isn't repetitive, I'm probably going to enjoy it quite a bit.

I'm literally out the door as I write this.

--- Quote ---Hillcrest CC, Los Angeles, Willie Watson 1920

This is LA's most elite Jewish club, directly across the street from 20th Century Fox. What little I've seen of Watson's work is impressive, although subtle to the eye; but after a tour of LA's Great Triumverate, I don't see that kind of sophistication in Hillcrest. Could be I missed something, 3. [8/80]
Tom Doak "The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses"
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Now given this was a rating, pre-Harbottle, I find my thoughts to be right in line with Tom's assessment as well as Daniel's. I've seen Harbottle's work since, and I can tell you that it is NOTHING like Watson's evolved work which of course was subtle to the eye and slowly green-committeed away, (aka Death By Green Committee) but was more in-the-ground appreciative. I hope I'm making some sense because I'm certainly typing this quickly!

Certainly, and with all respect to John H III, blinding white sand, perfectly curved, shaped and edged on bunkers that were never reminescent of the very deep natural pits that were common for W. Watson are not my idea of GREAT work. Yes, it rings the hearts of the people that work and  play there, especially the ones that think if Harbottle was good enough for LA, then he's good enough for Hillcrest--I'll just say this--good luck with your new Harbottle course and call me when you really want to restore the course in six years. I'll point you in the right direction.


Brent Hutto:
It's funny the effect that hanging out here has had on my preferences. This past year has really ignited my desire to see really, really good courses more often. I didn't even blink at paying the totally outrageous tariff to add Spyglass Hill onto my California trip at the last minute and I loved the course. I'm tempted to jump at every chance to see a fine older course like Palmetto GC in Aiken, SC or Holston Hills in Knoxville, although real life intervenes and I have to miss some of those chances.

But seeing great courses doesn't really detract from my enjoyment of courses that Doak would give barely a 2 at best. You'd think at some point eating ambrosia several times a year would make the canned fruit cocktail unappealing but so far it hasn't.

Jim Negent:
    Doak gives Pebble a 9.

David Ober:

--- Quote from: Jim_Coleman on November 04, 2005, 04:31:31 PM ---Jim Negent:
    Doak gives Pebble a 9.

--- End quote ---

And well he should. I played Pebble for the first time this year and was blown away by its majesty (yes, I said "majesty"!)  ;)

I've debated this ad nauseum with those who say Pebble has 6 or 7 "muni" holes. Well I just don't see 'em.


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