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American Golfer Magazine 1908-1920


Donnie Beck:
Playing around this morning I stumbled upon a link that has archived all issues of American Golfer Magazine from 1908-1920. There are some really interesting articles and great old photos.

Neil Regan:
  The same place also has a few early years of Golf Illustrated, which include early pictures of NGLA and the plasticene models for some of the holes there.

Donnie Beck:
Thank you Neil.. Golf Illustrated also had a great article on Lido with some cool photo's.

"Sam Solomon" had a regular column in The American Golfer.

Whose pen name was that? Travis? Could it be O.B. Keeler?


Neil Regan:
Here is the link to the Lido article, hosted by AAFLA

The Lido Golf Course[/color]
by C. B. MACDONALD[/i]


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