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Early routings Chicago area, Shinny 1893, etc
« on: March 30, 2006, 10:45:14 PM »
I stuck this in the bunker thread and not too many visits so I will start a new one.

I love looking at routings and old scorecards as they tell the story of a course. Needless to say the following are some interesting stories...

The 1893 routing for Shinnecock is interesting in that for the first three years it only had 12 holes. After counting the holes there is 12 holes that are above the road that dissects the course at its mid-riff. Then there are 9 holes below that for a total of 21 holes. Did they not play the course with 21 holes for a period before they went to 18? Or was it a plan for adding 18 holes and going with the holes that worked best?
I have a friend that has a scorecard for the 12 hole course. Pretty amazing that something like that could have lasted this long!

Chicago info from the Golfers Green Book 1901(A must see if you are interested in Chicago golf)(SEGL)

The other routings are from Chicago that show some of the issues that they were dealing with. Simple routings that cross over streets and have holes going in two directions. No wonder the earlier courses have multiple sites as the town grows it pushed the courses out to the further reaches as progress rules the day. Just speculation on my part, but it seems like in some cases they made courses where they could try the game out and see if they liked it. How else could one explain the routing at Evanston crossing three roads on two holes let alone one!

The Washington Park Club was a fashionable race track that shut down when gambling became illegal in 1905. The course was laid out by CBMacDonald and Richard Leslie in 1895 and the Pros were Fred and James Herd! Looks like somebody played Musselburgh when they should have been in class? Any Chicagoians have any info on the course or race track. There must be some photos of the race track for adverts or something. Paul, run with it!

Then there is the two routings for the CGC. The first one was abandoned by some of the members as they went to Wheaton. A number of members stayed on and changed the name of the course to Belmont. The course was reworked by Tweedie. The second course for Chicago Golf Club was laid out by MacDonald, Whigham, and James and David Foulis. Both routings were current in 1901.

The other routings are of clubs that I recognized our thought the routing was intersting to look at. I have added two other routings Queens Valley(Emmet) on Long Island and Portmanteau which is either in Canada? or France.

Also threw in some adverts for some architects. The White advert for the current thread on him.



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