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John Kavanaugh:

--- Quote from: Kalen Braley on August 20, 2008, 11:27:37 AM ---JK,

When is the West Coast leg of his trip coming up?

Have lodging, have transportation, have money for gas...will play golf in Utah!!

--- End quote ---


I don't have time to answer every request made of Mr. Silver's time.  If you want to set up an architectural review please contact Gillette Silver at

Peter Pallotta:
"...Gill worked as an international flight attendant from 1996 to 2001 on TWA before it was acquired by American Airlines in 2001 which gave him amazing access to many parts of the world.  His role as union steward eventually led to what he still contends was an illegal dismissal."

I have to say - that is nearly the work of genius! The "what he still contends" bit makes it...



Rich Goodale:
Keep it up, John!

As Forrest and others can tell you, it's hard to sustain interest in fantasies such as this, but you are doing a great job.  If you can seamlessly get Gill (and/or his mother) to Foulpointe I will be truly impressed.


John Kavanaugh:
Jed, Rich, Peter, et al,

Gillette has requested that we keep the thread concise about architecture or other fields of his expertise because his modem is outdated and loading up this page every time a frivolous post is made costs him precious time that could be spent writing or sanitizing needles.  He has developed a holistic approach to needle sanitation that is time consuming and very inefficient when compared to a more traditional method which uses heat.  While expensive, he believes that acupuncture is a dish best served cold.

Gill did want me to tell you that he has enjoyed the off line conversations he has been having with posters from this site and looks forward to many more.  I agree in that this thread has lost its way and will no longer respond to non architectural topics concerning Gill.  With Gills permission, I will limit my contributions to our email transpondencies and wish you to do the same.  Lets move on.

Please ask Gillette if he is related to the Cullum/Cates family from Savannah Georgia. My mother has a rather  bizaar cousin named Murray Silver. His mother Catherine Silver was my Grandmother's first cousin, who married a jewish boy, the son of Bo Peep Silver. Bo ran a very profitable restaurant, pool hall, betting parlor, and bordello across the street from Christ Episcopal Church in Savannah back during prohibition. His regular tything across religious party lines kept everyone happy.

Murray Silver is now living in Miami as a disbarred lawyer who supplements his income as an extra in B movies and he collects royalties from the book he wrote about his grandfather Bo Peep. Murray may well be Gillette's grandfather, which would make him some sort of relative of mine. Perhaps we can meet for a game if he gets down to Florida.


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