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Chicago Aerials: H.J.Tweedie From Hoylake to Chicago

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Dan Moore:
H.J. Tweedie was one of the first working architects in the Chicago area.  Two courses Tweedie had a hand in two courses which hosted early US Opens.  Tweedie hailed from Hoylake where he was an avid golfer and member of Royal Liverpool.  He moved to Chicago in 1887.  

In 1895 Tweedie took over the site of the original Chicago Golf Club in Belmont (now Downers Grove) from MacDonald when the club moved to its current site in Wheaton.  Until his death in 1921 Tweedie and his brother managed A.G. Spaulding Company which at various times employed William Langford and Tom Bendelow as golf architects.  With respect to Langford, Tweedie designed Westward Ho! which was Langford's home course at the time he attended Yale in 1906-1907.  Until 1922 Westward Ho!, (6,103 yds, no longer exists) was located in Galewood (now Oak Park) which bordered Chicago.  


Among Tweedie's courses were:

Bryn Mawr (1897) 9 holes 2,287 yds

Onwentsia (1898) redesigned and added 9 holes w/Robert Foulis, James Foulis and H.J. Whigham site of 1906 US Open

Flossmoor (1899)  6,100 yds

Midlothian (1898) 6,387 yds site of 1914 US Open

Ridge (1902)

Exmoor (1902) 6,005 yds featured a 90 degree dogleg hole, possibly the first crooked hole in Chicago

Park Ridge (1906)

Here are Midlothian, Ridge and Exmoor as they appreared in 1939 and today.  I will post Onwentsia, Tweedie's other US Open Course, later today.


Midlothian Today


Ridge Today

Exmoor (dogleg hole which was east of the clubhouse has been eliminated)

Exmoor Today

Ridge moved from its original 1902 site, did it not? Did HJT have a hand in both incarnations?

Midlothian is very interesting, wasn't it one of the more important championship courses in the old days?

I think Colt was involved at Exmoor at some point.

Tweedie appears to be ahead of his time when it comes to bunkering.

David aka Shivas
You appear to still be hurt about your confusion on the architectural attribution of the last Chicago aearial. I'll step back and allow you to handle it from now on....few care about Chicago architecture (outside Cook county) and I can see you prefer it that way.

I think you are the only person on GCA who looks upon a Colt attribution negatively. Colt did not do much work in America it just so happens he did more in Chicago than any where else.
You must be salivating with Medinah on deck.  :)

Patrick Hitt:
I am not aware of Colt ever being involved at Exmoor. He did work at Old Elm up the road with Ross less than 10 years before Ross reworked Exmoor.  The 2nd green at Exmoor is thought to be a Tweedie green. His Flossmoor holes are some of my favorites.


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