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Since went live from Sydney, Australia in June 1999, our goal has been to provide a free access resource for the study of golf course architecture in a pleasing environment.  We have grown quite a bit since those early days. So too have the costs associated with running a site of this size and housing such a trove of information. The 2016 voluntary donations defray such expenses and help us present the material free from commercial distraction. To the people and organizations below (some of whom have given for over a decade), we are both honored and grateful.

Contributions should not exceed the par of your favorite course as we strive for group participation rather than a handful of benefactors. Contributions received this month are in red and the number in parentheses reflects the number of years of support from that contributor. accepts PayPal per the ‘Donation’ button below.


The following have contributed to the 2016 running of

Name Region
 George Bahto  Pine Brook, NJ, USA
 Jonathan Becker (6)  Wooster, OH, USA
 Bernard Bell (1)  Chevy Chase, MD, USA
 Jeff Bergeron (15)  Birmingham, MI, USA
 John Tiger Bernhardt  Lafayette, LA, USA
 Bird Golf Academy (1)  Avondale, AZ, USA
 Bart Bradley (9)  Bristol, TN, USA
 Bill Brightly (9)  Rochelle Park, NJ, USA
 Cob Carlson (3)  Hopkinton, MA, USA
 Joey Chase (5)  Genolier, SWITZERLAND
 Jackson Chen (5)  Grapevine, TX, USA
 Morgan Clawson (1)  Edina, MN, USA
 John Coffey (4)  Cohasset, MA, USA
 Rob Collins (2)  Chattanooga, TN, USA
 John Cowden (3)  Newport Beach, CA, USA
 William Crane (5)  Princeton, NJ, USA
 Jonathon Cummings (8)  Cabin John, MD, USA
 Chris Cupit (8)  Johns Creek, GA, USA
 Dick Daley (11)  Green Bay, WI, USA
 David Davis (2)  Vinkeveen NETHERLANDS
 Don Dinkmeyer (11)  Bowling Green, KY, USA
 Craig Disher (12)  Beaufort, SC, USA (in memory of Jim Goby)
 Moe Dweck (1)  Bethesda, MD, USA
 Alfonso Erhardt (8)  Madrid, SPAIN
 Wesley Farrell (2)  Miami, FL, USA
 Brad Fleischer (9)  Staten Island, NY, USA
 David Friedman (12)  Lawrenceville, NJ, USA
 Kenneth Fry (5)  Niles, MI, USA
 Jim Gold (8)  New York, NY, USA
 Seth Goldstrom (1)  Glenville, NC, USA
 William Grieve (6)  Eugene, OR, USA
 Mike Hamilton (5)  Midlothian, VA, USA
 Ross Harmon (4)  Castle Rock, CO, USA
 Matthew Hauth (2)  North Plains, OR, USA
 Philip Hensely (2)  Cary, NC, USA
 David Herrick (3)  Denver, CO, USA
 Jason Hines (11)  Olathe, KS, USA
 Greg Hohman (4)  San Diego, CA, USA
 Greg Holland (9)  Greensboro, NC, USA
 Chris Hufnagel (3)  Ada, MI, USA
 Christopher Hughes (1)  Charlotte, NC, USA
 Bob Huntley (9)  Carmel, CA, USA
 Bryan Icenhower (4)  Atlanta, GA, USA
 Daniel Jones (2)  Ocala, FL, USA
 Omar Kathwari (3)  New York, NY, USA
 Taylor Katzman (1)  Chicago, IL, USA
 Alan Kikuchi (3)  New York, NY, USA
 John Kirk (9)  North Plains, OR, USA
 Jerry Kluger (15)  Bethesda, MD, USA
 Brian Krex (5)  Bronxville, NY, USA
 Steven Lapper (11)  Far Hills, NJ, USA
 Mark Larson (9)  Gibsonia, PA, USA
 Pete Lavallee (14)  San Diego, CA, USA
 Terry Lavin (17)  Chicago, IL, USA
 Bret Lawrence (2)  Bethlehem, CT, USA
 Sean Leary (6)  Seattle, WA, USA
 Ben Leax (3)  New York, NY, USA
 Andrew Lewis (3)  Chicago, IL, USA
 Benjamin Litman (2)  New York, NY, USA
 Jeff Loh (4)  Southern Pines, NC, USA
 Kevin Lynch (5)  East Aurora, NY, USA
 John Lyons (3)  San Francisco, CA, USA
 David Maberry (9)  Quarryville, PA, USA
 Chris Macios (1)  Boston, MA, USA
 Jonathan Mallard (4)  Richmond, VA, USA
 Tom Maxwell (5)  Bridport, VT, USA
 John Mayhugh (8)  Louisville, KY, USA
 Bill McBride (15)  Pensacola, FL, USA
 Brian McCann (1)  Chicago, IL, USA
 James McCann (8)  Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
 John McCarthy (2)  Chicago, IL, USA
 Bob McCoy (1)  Naples, FL, USA
 Christopher McGrath (2)  Orchard Park, NY, USA
 Steve Meador (2)  Clifton, VA, USA
 Kevin Mendik (5)  Waban, MA, USA
 Rees Milikin (8)  Nashville, TN, USA
 Daniel Moore (7)  Chicago, IL, USA
 Michael Moore (7)  Falmouth, ME, USA
 Ron Montesano (6)  Grand Island, NY, USA
 Kevin Morton (1)  Winston-Salem, NC, USA
 Pat Mucci (30)  Clifton, NJ, USA
 Tony Muldoon (10)  London, UNITED KINGDOM
 Christian Newton (1)  Venice, CA, USA
 Carl Nichols (3)  Washington D.C., USA
 Peter Nicholson (17)  Briarcliff Manor, NY, USA
 Stephen Northrup (5)  Bethesda, MD, USA
 Mike Nuzzo (15)   Houston, TX, USA
 David Ober (4)  Riverside, CA, USA
 Harwell Palmer (3)  Pinehurst, NC, USA
 Tom Pashley (3)  Pinehurst, NC, USA
 Peter Pittock (13)  Portland, OR, USA
 Neil Regan (21)  South Salem, NY, USA
 Howard Riefs (4)  Winnetka, IL, USA
 Edwin Rognvaldsson (3)  Kopavogur, ICELAND
 Adam Russell (2)  Lynbrook, NY, USA
 Van Salmans (2)  Chicago, IL, USA
 Stephen Sayre (4)  Chevy Chase, MD, USA
 Joseph Schackman (1)  South Orange, NJ, USA
 Bill Schulz (21)  Scottsdale, AZ, USA
 Lynn Shackelford (13)  Spicewood, TX, USA
 Benjamin Sherlund (1)  Denver, CO, USA
 Andrew Shulman (7)  Reston, VA, USA
 Dennis Slattery (8)  San Marino, CA, USA
 Eric Smith (10)  Cookeville, TN, USA
 Scott Smith (6)  Wake Forest, NC, USA
 Jonathan Spaulding (9)  Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
 Jordan Standefer (3)  Long Beach, CA, USA
 Paul Staples (9)  New York, NY, USA
 Bill Steele (9)  Gahanna, OH, USA
 Jürgen Stiegler (4)  Münster, GERMANY
 John Stiles (12)  Knoxville, TN, USA
 Gerry Stratford (1)  Atherton, CA, USA
 Mark Studer (9)  Pittsburgh, PA, USA (in memory of Don Wolff)
 Chris Sturges (3)  Holladay, UT, USA
 Mike Sweeney (14)  New York, NY, USA
 Josh Tarble (4)  Indianapolis, IN, USA
 Jason Thurman (2)  Cincinnati, OH, USA
 Jason Topp (12)  Eden Prairie, MN, USA
 Adam Uttley (1)  Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK 
 Greg Wardle (5)  San Francisco, CA, USA
 Jeff Warne (10)  Sag Harbor, NY, USA
 Jason Way (2)  Evanston, IL, USA
 Michael Whitaker (10)  Greenville, SC, USA
 Dunlop White (9)  Winston-Salem, NC, USA
 Cristian Willaert (7)  Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
 Chris Wilmot (3)  Orlando, FL, USA
 Pete Wlodkowski (2)  Carlsbad, CA, USA
 Scott Wood (11)  Chatham, NY, USA
 Doug Wright (14)  Denver, CO, USA
 Lyndell Young (4)  Taylors, SC, USA


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Contributions should be in U.S. currency and are not tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.